11/09/2012 - Widow Wins 100k Spouse Pension Compensation

Widow Wins 100k Spouse Pension CompensationWidow Wins £100k Spouse Pension Compensation.

Rathlin Island Ferry, based in Northern Ireland has been forced to pay one member’s widow £102,418 after it failed to provide a spouse’s pension scheme. Rathlin declared itself unable to pay former member Mr McCurdy’s widow her benefits when he died in July 2008.

The company took over running the ferry from Caledonian MacBrayne (Calmac) in 2008. The Calmac fund assured McCurdy that Rathlin Island Ferry assumed responsibility for his pension. But when her husband died, Mrs McCurdy was unable to retrieve the money from the ferry company and sought legal advice.

Rathlin Island Ferry admitted liability in 2012, but declared itself unable to pay. The Pensions ombudsman stated there should have been pension arrangements in place at the time of McCurdy’s death and that there was “no direct relevance” that the company said it was unable to pay. The ombudsman has ordered the company to pay the widow four times her husband’s final pensionable salary, at £25,417, and £750 compensation for the “significant” distress and inconvenience caused.

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